Never judge a dog lover by its cover

After an hour of dog play , it was time to leave, said my stomach. As I was getting up from my bench I spotted a guy coming in with his dog, a Border Collie, both were panting  and sweaty.  I looked, I assessed, …oh boy , another redneck using his dog and totally ripped shirtless body to chic troll.  He came over to the water fountain right in front of me, and they both drank like dessert walkers. It was then I noticed a large circular scar on the man’s navel area. Being the anti shy  that I am I said to him while pointing to said scar…” that looks painful “.  He came over to me and said  ” yeah, wrong place , wrong time. I’m from Chicago and I was riding my bike and I ended up in the middle of a gang war.  I was shot in the stomach , then rammed by a car . I was in a coma for 2 weeks. The doctor said I had a 50% chance of living and 100% chance of never walking. I worked hard, and now every 5K or 10K or Fun Run I see , I enter. We ran here today from Kohl’s ( 3.5 miles)  and we’re gonna run back “…..

I was silent for a second , then I said ” does your dog need a ride back? ”  He said no, we do this all the time.  I told him what an inspiration he was, to my latte’ guzzling ass sitting on this bench 5 hours a week, and that he had made my day. He said “thanks, catch you later”  and headed for the gate to begin his 3.5 mile return.

footnote ( see what I did there ? )   I sat for a while longer, ignoring the outside world and reflecting on how wrong I was in my 3 second judgement of him, and how right I thought I was.  How often do I do this ? ( always ), how wrong am I ?, probably very often, what do people see me as ?  I then looked out at the people in the park, some I knew pretty well, and tried to wipe my judgement slate clean…it was really hard, way too many years of judging to change in a day …….but like my gunshot friend, I am going to be conscious of it , and work hard at healing the illness I have….

Been sick….but tomorrow I hook up!

Been sick, pinched my back….not a good few weeks , but , tomorrow I get to dog sit Rosie ….my favorite GoldenDoodle, and bed sharer.

ps: Food Liar  had the full tilt boogie porkroast, spiced and dressed for BOGO today…….so my Doctor and Rosie owner will be the proud recipient……love for love

It’s also been in the mid 80’s , so dog park has been to hot….will squeeze one in soon.





This bites !

Today I met a man with a dog that can’t breathe through it’s nose,… can’t smell.  At night the dog has to bite a chair leg bottom or a shoe so he doesn’t fall asleep with his mouth closed and die.  Surely there is a product for this so the poor dog can sleep in his bed, or on the owners bed ?    Every visit I learn something  

Shake Rattle and Roll

Soooo 93 degrees in Music City …just in time for the CMA Fest, with rain for tomorrow…..” We drove 500 miles for this !! “


Sitting on my perch by the water fountain having casual convo with a local drummer……a Black Lab gets up from a water pool right in front of me and ….oh yeah…..shakes it all out on me.  Actually…not too bad. Good boy ….

And the ONE day I wear my suit and tie to the park  !

aaaahhh…PuppyStock !

I have been , and still am pretty sick but I just HAVE to leave the house…drivers beware !

I arrive at the dog park around 6:30 pm ….just in time for a huge dose of canine medicine. I ascend to my normal throne just in time for, literally , 15-20 dogs of all breeds, colors and sizes to swarm the water fountain.  It was like  Canine Central Station….drinking from 3 different spouts plus 2 bowls on the all the owners.  Some of the dogs that I know came up and said welcome back, then scurried back to the party.  The crowd was large because at this time many were leaving and many were arriving ….and the dogs were saying wazzup to their friends….the energy was like being plugged into the lollypop socket in the wall. I stayed till 8pm , watching the sun set, the vapor trails dissolve ,and the cool orange horizon appear for that very brief, turn your head and you will miss it , moment.

It was the perfect catch up and a much needed time of no coughing, non sickness focusing, and reenergizing. God Ilove this place ….for so many barking reasons


A  very hot day at the park so only the large dogs showed…they have to run, or they just won’t sleep.  In enters a man with a 9 lb Boston Terrier that I learn is named Ralph…..As many of you know , if one dog goes to the water fountain , they all come over….dogs don’t want to miss anything …you know, gossip and such. Ralph goes over…..the tension builds.

Ralph finishes, and the other 12 dogs get ready to drink….suddenly Ralph’s owner stands up , with Ralph at his side and says loudly…


We cracked up , all the owners , and I think a couple of the dogs.

the lesson I learned here is…life…make it as fun as you can.  It cost him nothing to do that and that little act made our days, and will be spread all over the dog park. So, elevators, subways, family dinners… willing to be silly…and make the day lighter for  someone” s “



In the category of ” you can’t make this up “…..

From my usual perch on the bench I notice a family of 5 coming in with a very big dog, a Doberman I believe. The father proceeds to lead them into the “dark green grass’ area .  At this time the father decides it is time for his 5 year old daughter to learn about ” the bag”…..note: the dog is about as tall as the little girl. The father gives the little girl the bag and explains what it is for, she is excited to participate . As the dog begins his “move ” downward the little girl runs to the dog’s backside and ….ready ?……opens the bag and tries to catch the , um, Baby Ruth’s, as the dog pushes them out…..CATCH THEM, not pick them up….the dog moves side to side to avoid her, but she is relentless in catching every drop….a very entertaining dance.

Oh God!!….I almost needed the bag myself…that was the funniest thing I have seen in a while……the dog eventually ran 3 steps and did his business….the father and mother laughing as much as me …….but, in the little girl’s defense, what she assumed makes perfect sense to me……why clean it off the ground if you can just catch it in the bag ?……

Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape……

A while back I was seated in my assigned seat on the bench when I see this little Terrier mix just bolting for the dark green grass area….if you know what I mean. Upon arriving at his destination he proceeds to stand upright ON HIS TWO FRONT PAWS ….and pee into the wind ( thus the title of this post ).  Now, I have done the latter, back in my college drinking days…. never standing on my hands,… but, I digress.  I was in awe of the balance, the commitment, the sheer quantity of this act.  I flashed back to that old Men’s Room cliche’ posted in all the restuarants…..WE AIM TO PLEASE… PLEASE AIM ……he couldn’t have cared less.